County Board discusses culvert replacement around county

By Rebecca Sponsler
Advocate News Staff

Jeremy Pestle, Bond County Engineer, submitted his mid-December report, which was approved by the board. Pestle states in his report that the cross culverts on Shawnee Rd. and North Woburn have been replaced. Three field entrances have been repaired or replaced. There has also been patching at various locations on Old Ripley Rd. and Shawnee Rd.

Pestle also listed the current status of several culvert projects. In Burgess Township on Baden Ave, they have the culvert on hand but are waiting on information from the township. In Mills Township on Keyesport Rd/County Line, the project has been completed. In Shoal Creek Township culverts are on hand for the Elevator Rd., Round Prairie Ln., and Round Prairie Ave. The culvert for Bentlage Rd. is on order. In Smithboro, some of the culverts for various locations are on hand. In Keyesport they are waiting on county approval for the Railroad Street project.

As for the bridge projects, the wooden bridge on Red Ball Trail has had its final intersection detail sent to the Illinois Department of Transportation, IDOT. The prefinal plans for the Old Ripley Road Bridge have been sent to IDOT. There are ongoing right-of-way negotiations going on with the Mills, Campground Trail bridge. For more information see the December 22, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.