Greenville University names Doug Marti classroom

Last week Greenville University honored attorney Doug Marti by naming a classroom in Dietzman Hall “The Marti Classroom.”

Always an adjunct because he also maintained a full-time legal practice, Marti began teaching in 1971. For 40 years he taught courses like criminology, introduction to criminal justice, and juvenile delinquency. He commented, “I liked providing real-live examples to the students. They were mostly freshmen, and they all wanted to be cops.” He took students to various detention facilities, including the super-max prison in Marion. “After they closed Alcatraz, it was the most dangerous prison in the country. I couldn’t take the women students in with us. They didn’t allow it.”

Later he switched to teaching U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, business law, and other legal courses. Again, he said “I tried to give a real taste of what law school would be like, so we argued legal briefs in class.” For more information see the May 16, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.