Book launch to be held at The Milk House this Saturday



Colter & Co. Press, in conjunction with Summit 27, has chosen Greenville to host the nationwide book launch of “Challenge Accepted” on June 24. The book is an inspirational leadership and personal growth book by Colter & Co. author and former Greenville resident Wm. Audie Sherrod.

Greenville was selected from among several sites nationwide to host the launch. “It was an easy decision,” said Sherrod, who refers to the Greenville community in his book as “A Norman Rockwell postcard community, a truly hidden gem in America, where time has seemingly stood still.” The book, which has a tag line of “What You Do Matters, and Who You are Matters Even More,” has several significant connections to Greenville and the surrounding communities. Sherrod said, “I am excited for everyone to hear in person on June 24 the story of how local resident, 10-year-old, Shriner Patient Ambassador, Owyn Mendenhall came to write the foreword — a role he initially envisioned being fulfilled by a prominent best-selling author and executive of the Chick-fil-A Corporation. For more information see the June 20, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.