Weekend backpack program continues through the summer


“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger (Buzz Aldrin).” An article from Hunger Facts/Move For Hunger (moveforhunger.org) tells us that more than 34 million Americans face food insecurities in their homes daily. This number includes one in eight children. The weekend backpack program was set up to help students within the Bond County Unit 2 school district who may be facing food deficits at home. Coordinator Cheyenne Elam said, “The weekend backpack program has been going on for a decade, but this is the first year we are continuing the program through the summer. Just like the school year, the bags will be dispersed on Fridays. The only difference is that since school is out, local law enforcement is helping deliver these meals directly to the students’ homes.” Elam went on to say that during the school year about 65 children were being provided the weekend meals. Now that it’s summer break, a few families have moved from the district so they are presently serving 55 children. For more information see the June 20, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.

Photo Credit Kelli Lutz

Photo: Greenville Police Officer Caleb Walton, Deputy Aaron Griffith, coordinator Cheyenne Elam, Jessica Scoggins, and Sheriff Jim Leitschuh with some of the bags prepared and ready for delivery. Photo on June 16, 2023.