Levy and assessment of taxes topic of Mulberry Village meeting


Levy and assessment of taxes was the topic of new business for the Mulberry Grove Village board Monday night, November 6. Mayor Cherie Henson read the following new totals given to her by Attorney Jeff Mollett, the amounts reflect an increase of $2,925.

Corporate Board  $6,675$7,005 
Police Protection  $3,675$3,855 
Audit  $4,120$4,320 
Tort Insurance  $19,560$20,530 
Social Security  $7,770$8,150 
Workman’s Comp  $17,355$18,220 
Total  $17,355$62,080 

During the approval of bills, Mayor Henson informed the board that they were having issues with the 44-year-old heaters in the shop. Due to leaking gas and other issues, two units had been shut off. An estimate of $6000 for three new units, one 50,000 btu and two 75,000 btu, including installation was received and presented. The board agreed to add this amount to the bills to be paid for the month.

Henson advised the board that code enforcement officer Barbara Wheat was back after a month’s absence due to health reasons. Wheat and Henson rode through the town on Wednesday, November 1, to check on code enforcement improvements that have been made or are in progress.

The next Village meeting will be in the Village Hall conference room on Monday, December 4 at 6:00 p.m.