Tax bills mailed by treasurer’s office

By Rebecca Sponsler
Advocate News Staff

The bills for Bond County property taxes have been mailed out. You likely have already received yours in the mail. If you have questions about your bill or want to have it explained in greater detail, you can visit the Courthouse Annex at 206 W. Main St. in Greenville. This is where the offices of the Assessor, Georgia Shank, the County Clerk, Meg Sybert, and the Treasurer, Colleen Camp reside. Information from all three of these offices is what is used to create your tax bill. “Since we are all in the same building we can generally get all questions handled in one visit,” said Camp.

What you need to know

According to Camp the first installment of the bills will be due on Nov. 30, 2023. The second installment will be due on Jan. 30, 2024. If you want to deduct your property taxes on your income tax forms, including the Illinois property tax credit, the full payment would need to be made by Dec. 31, 2023. This is a Sunday, so if you are making the payment in person you will need to do by 4 p.m. on December 29, 2023. For more information see the October 20, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.