Mulberry Grove village board holds monthly meeting, updates building code

By Rachel Terry
Advocate News Staff

The Mulberry Grove village board met Monday and approved the minutes from last month’s meeting, the financial report, and the bills to be paid, including two additions during the meeting: a payment to Pace Analytical for $156.40 and to Outdoor Power Sales for $215.94.

The building inspector’s report was not presented, since Brad Criner was on vacation. During the police report, mayor Cherie Henson reported that police officer Barbara Wheat had collected quite a few tickets. Henson said one driver was stopped for failing to signal and was found to have underage alcohol, marijuana, and no license. Other tickets were issued for running stop signs and expired licenses. Henson said all the tickets have already been taken to the courthouse.

During the mayor’s report, Henson said that she received a call from the Bond County Historical Society, who will be hosting a tour of the Mulberry Grove cemetery on July 20 at 7 p.m. The society wanted to know if Henson would speak at the tour, but she will be out of town. The Society asked if any other board members, who had a history in Mulberry, would be willing to speak, but none of the board members had any personal history with the cemetery.