Local woman giving back to nursing home residents

“I try to do something for someone I don’t know every Christmas,” Velvet Rensing told The Advocate. You might have seen a post of Rensing’s making the rounds on Facebook. Within the post, she stated that she has around 60 wish lists from the residents at the Greenville Nursing Home.

After a conversation with their activity director, Rensing was given the lists and took to Facebook to see if anyone would want to “sponsor” a resident. The results were heartwarming. Rensing was contacted by enough people to have every list covered, and then some. So many people stepped up that Rensing had to think of another way for people to donate. And she did just that.

In addition to the Christmas presents, they are putting together hygiene boxes for the nursing home. The hygiene boxes contain items that the nursing home uses on a regular basis; things that are always handy to have around.

If you are looking to donate for the hygiene boxes, items they need would be soap, hair brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, hair clips, socks, grippy socks, and blankets. Please DO NOT donate razors or aerosol cans.

You can also give a monetary donation if you are unsure of what to buy. Contact Rensing at 618-367-5877 or via Facebook if you would like to donate. Donations can be made anonymously.