Young entrepreneurs selling lemonade


Friday, June 9 was a beautiful day that happened to get a little brighter after meeting four young lemonade stand entrepreneurs on the corner of Fifth and Winter.

Hailey Casner, a member of the group, told me that it was a good way to interact with people and they liked making those they met happy. Janna Smith, mother of Rylee Smith, said the kids were having fun and were in eye sight of the parents in case they needed anything or more supplies. The kids opened their lemonade stand for the first time on Thursday, in the late afternoon and were quite pleased with the $39 they made. I asked the kids, who were all smiles and bubbly personalities if they might try having their lemonade stand more this summer. All the kids responded with a yes. For more information see the June 13, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.

Photo Credit Kelli Lutz