Sheriff’s Department warns of scam

The Bond County Sheriff’s Department warned residents recently to beware of a scam. The department reports that they received a call from a county resident claiming that she received a call from someone using the department’s phone number and claiming they were someone she knew. However, the resident knew that the person did not work at the department.

The caller informed her that she missed a court date that morning and that they had papers for her. The caller wanted to meet her at the department and wanted to know when she left work. During the call, the department reports that the resident was never asked for any type of payment and when she told the caller that she didn’t believe him, he hung up.

The department reports that there have been instances in other counties regarding the same call placed to residents, asking for payment over the phone on a warrant for a missed court date. The Sheriff’s Department warns the public that they will never be asked by any department for payment for a warrant over the phone and this is a scam attempt.

If this happens to you, the department asks that you contact them or the department where you live with a phone number you look up yourself. Do not call back a number that the scam caller gives you.