Former resident was creative director for Reba McEntire’s new book

Sabryna Lugge grew up in Pocahontas, she now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and works as a creative director over the gift and children’s books sections at a company called Harper-Collins Publishing. Harper-Collins is a publishing company, and they recently worked with Reba McEntire to publish her new book “Not That Fancy.”

Lugge was heavily involved in the process, even directing a photo shoot with McEntire. “This idea that we had, we don’t want it to be a fan book for Reba, we want it to be something that doesn’t exist in the world,” Lugge said, “it was allowing her fans to see her in more of a day to day style,” Lugge continued. For more information see the November 10, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.