Wanna be a tax coach?


In February and March of this year, 243 people came to the Bond County Senior Center for its free tax assistance program. They received $185,696 in refunds. That’s money coming back to Bond County.

The problem? The Center needs more volunteers. More than 243 people needed help preparing their taxes, but the preparers couldn’t handle more than that. Without more help, the Senior Center won’t be able to offer this program at all next spring. Those people will have to find other ways to get their taxes done. They will probably have to pay. Will they still bring back $186,000 to Bond County? Sites in Carlyle and Breese have closed because of no volunteers, leaving Greenville as the only free preparation site within 50 miles in any direction. For more information see the September 8, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.