New organization in town: Greenville Women’s Alliance

By Rachel Terry
Advocate News Staff

There’s a new organization in Greenville: Greenville Women’s Alliance. President Joellen Vohlken said that a small group of ladies decided last fall to bring back a reimagined Greenville Women’s Club. The group held their first meeting in January and decided on a new direction and mission statement to fit current community needs. The required state filings were completed and on March 15, the group officially became Greenville Women’s Alliance. For more information see the March 24, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.

Photo: Left to right: Heather Edwards – Director, Cheralee Vohlken – Vice President, Joellen Vohlken – President, Tara D’Arcy – Social Media, Elisabeth Ward – Secretary, Michele Sauerwein – Director, Kayla Curry – Treasurer. Photo Submitted