A senior moment


My co-worker Roger Sanders sent me an article about things we can do to keep our minds sharp. One of them is to practice writing with your non-dominant hand. Try it. It’s hard, but you won’t go to sleep as you do it.

Folks, the crooks are after us. I’m continually finding out about new scams. I can resist the gifts from the Nigerian princes and the threats to cut off my non-existent Netflix account. But last week, they nearly got me.

Some background: Like most of you, Jack and I have Medicare supplement plans. We use different companies because of costs and so forth. July and August is when we get the lovely letters telling us that they are raising our rates “just a tiny bit” for the next year. Email notices come to me since I’m the family bookkeeper. So when I got an email from Jack’s Medicare company telling him that they would raise his rates, but that he could ask for an exception — click here to complete form — I almost clicked. Then I realized that it was addressed to Jack, not the legal John which he uses for all official stuff. When I hovered over the return address, it showed that it wasn’t from the insurance company. But I almost fell for it! For more information see the July 18, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.