A senior moment


Old age is when you finally find a medicine that works for you, and you realize it makes you itch! I tried a lovely new face cream last week, and I’m allergic to it. It’s not fair. But wait — remember the old adage “The fair’s in August?” Well guess what — next week it’s August and fair week. I was going to say “How cool is that?” but Ryan Mifflin on WGEL says it will be 95, so I think my analogy is breaking down.

The fair runs Aug. 3-8. It costs just $2 to enter, but the first day is free for everyone; and Monday, Aug. 7, is senior day, so we get in free then too. Plan to attend. The community building will be full of quilts, flower arrangements, photographs, and produce. You can see what’s new in farm equipment. For more information see the July 25, 2023 edition of The Greenville Advocate.