Pocahontas Elementary School students of the month 1

Congratulations to the Students of the Month! On the left side of the tree, from left, are Caylin Clanton, eighth grade, Mr. File’s class; Ben Jones,sixth, Mrs. Mollett’s class; Madilyn Wesselmann, and Raegan Facer, both first graders, Mrs. Eversgerd’s class; and Ali Hawkins, fourth, Mrs. Pashia’s class. In the middle of the tree, from the back are Braxton Siebert, sixth, Mrs. Mollett’s; Audrey Goodall and Logan McNece, both fifth graders in Mrs. Chilovich’s class; Bella Lindermann, seventh, Mr. Oakley’s; Amelia Dorries, second, Mrs. King’s class; Echo Turner, and Chloe Nosbisch, kindergarteners in Mrs. Kampwerth’s class; and Mason Dooley, third, Mrs. Cox’s class. On the right section, on the tree is Morgan McNece, second, Mrs. King’s class. Below her are Aadin Smith, fourth, Mrs. Pashia’s; Aidan Petscher, eighth, Mr. File’s; and Caleb Hibbs, seventh, Mr. Oakley’s. Photo Credit Jason Rakers.