Bond County election results; new councilman elected

The following are the unofficial results for the Bond County election. The average percentage for voter turnout in the county was 19.26 percent.

Greenville City Council Member, two seats

Blake Knox came in first, with 359 votes, 29.28%, followed by Lisa M. Stephens with 246 votes, 20.07%, and William G. Carpenter, with 239 votes, 19.49%. Nicholas C. Blackburn had 206 votes, 16.8%, and Regina Robart had 176 votes, 14.36%.

Bond County CUSD No. 2 Board Member, three seats

Three people were elected to the board, including incumbent Randi Workman who came in first with 839 votes, 18.09%, followed by Dylan Carr, second, 822 votes, 17.72%, and Donald A. Wall, third, with 646 votes, 13.93%. Dale Hastings had 560 votes, 12.07%, Jeff Graham had 548 votes, 11.82%, Brett Steiner had 423 votes, 9.12%, Shani L. Golovay had 405 votes, 8.73% and Ashley Schisler had 395 votes, 8.52%.

Keyesport Treasurer

Alexus Tutza and Marsha Martin were tied with 21 votes apiece.

Keyesport Village Trustee 4-year term, three seats

Craig Swann finished first with 25 votes, 28.74%, Jackie Lintin came in second with 24 votes, 27.59%, and Paul Bailey and Ralph Bercraft tied with 19 votes apiece, 21.84%.

Keyesport Village Trustee 2-year term

Albert Johnson II came in first with 23 votes, 57.5%, followed by Carl Brechner with 17 votes% 42.5%.

Mulberry Grove Village Trustee, three seats

Dennis Henrichsmeyer finished first at 20 votes, 39.22%, followed by Mike Burlingame, 16 votes, 31.37%, and David Koonce at 15 votes, 29.41%.

Old Ripley Village Trustee 4-year term, three seats

Regina Garner came in first with 6 votes, 40%, followed by Thomas E. Scott II with 5 votes for 33.33%, and Ronald Parks with 4 votes, 26.67%.

Panama Village Trustee, three seats

Douglas Cruthis and Cathleen Voyles tied with 13 votes apiece.

Pierron Village Trustee, four seats

Kris Parent came in first with 17 votes, 36.17%, followed by Karen Schauwecker with 16, 34.04%, and Kenny Salmons with 14, 29.79%.

Pocahontas Village Clerk

Lonita Hensler had a narrow lead of 60 votes, 50.42% ahead of Donna Hill with 59 votes, 49.58%.

Pocahontas Village Trustee 4-year term, three seats

Adam Evans finished first with 68 votes, 57.63%, followed by Tim Palen, 50 votes, 42.37%.

Smithboro Village Trustee, three seats

Michael D. Rhodes came in first with 34 votes, 34%, followed by Joseph Kircher at 30 votes or 30 percent, Deloris L. Trevis at 22 votes or 22 percent, and Steve Kennedy at 14 votes or 14 percent.

Sorento Village Trustee 4-year term, three seats

Fred Houchlei came in first with 74 votes or 57.81%, followed by Blair Kunkel with 54 votes or 42.19 percent.

Kingsbury Park District Commissioner, three seats

William J. Schneck III had a narrow lead of 564 votes or 36.04% over Joellen Vohlken with 549 votes, 35.08% and Barbara Smith with 452 votes or 28.88%.

Carlyle CUSD No. 1 Board Member, four seats

Jeanette Deichmann and Dani Huels had 37 votes apiece or 20.9%, followed by Dennie R. Perez with 29 votes or 16.38%, Michael King with 26 votes or 14.69%, Chris Tucker with 25 votes, 14.12%, and Sara Frank with 23 votes or 12.99%.

Highland CUSD No. 5 Board Member, three seats

Lore Miles came in first with 20 votes, 28.99%, followed by Christopher Goodwin with 19 votes or 27.54%, James M. Johnson with 18 votes or 26.09%, and Joseph Mott with 12 votes, 17.39%.

Hillsboro CUSD No. 3 Board Member, four seats

Matthew P. Lentz came in first with 26 votes, 23.42%, followed by Michael Cerutti with 24 votes or 21.62%, Blake Furness and Brian Patton with 22 votes apiece or 19.82%, and Barbara Adams with 17 votes, 15.32%.

Mulberry Grove CUSD No. 1 Board Member, three seats

Nathan Mollett came in first with 114 votes or 33.83%, followed by Brooke Earnest with 112 votes, 33.23% and Melody Helmkamp, 111 votes or 32.94%.

Breese Elementary School District No. 12 Board Member 4-year term, four seats

Ahren J. Langhauser, Jessica Cassady, and Danielle Renee Schrage received 2 votes apiece or 33.33, Jessica Brink received no votes.

Central High School District No. 71 Board Member, three seats

Tim Richter, Laura M. Jansen, and Tanya Kampwerth all received 2 votes, 33.33%.

Kaskaskia Community College District No. 501 Trustee, two seats

Jim Beasley came in first with 723 votes or 35.42%, followed by Bryan Holthaus with 540 votes, 26.46%, Brian Brink with 518 votes or 25.38% and Chuck Lear with 260 votes or 12.74%.

Southwestern Illinois Comm College District No. 522-7 Trustee,

Allen Adomite came in first with 14 votes or 56%, followed by Dane Tippett with 11 votes or 44%.

Reg Board of School Trustees (Bond-Christian-Effingham-Fayette-Montgomery) 6-year term, three seats

Mary Adams came in first with 1488 votes, 50.68%, followed by Mark Ritter, 691 votes, 23.54%, Kay Dust with 459 votes, 15.63%, and Don Scott with 298 votes, 10.15%.