Greenville University student arrested

By Rachel Terry
Advocate News Staff

Early Thursday morning, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, working with the Greenville University Department of Campus Safety, executed a search warrant on the Greenville University campus.

According to a release from Greenville University, the Attorney General’s Office served the warrant with little impact on the campus community. As part of their investigation into a computer crime, the student named in the search warrant was taken into custody for questioning. Greenville University reports that they will continue to work with the Attorney General’s Office as the investigation continues.

President Suzanne Davis said in a statement following the arrest, “Greenville University was saddened to learn from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office that behavior from a student required a search and investigation into a computer crime. We are thankful for the work of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and our director of campus safety in this incident and pray for all impacted by the situation.”