Details for fans traveling to the Newton sectional game


Here are details on tonight’s semifinal sectional game between Greenville and Lawrenceville as sent out by Newton athletic director Craig Carr.

Tickets for the game are $7 if purchased online through the Go Fan app and $8 if purchased with cash at the door.

There were 500 tickets made available to each school prior to tickets being made available to the general public yesterday.

There will be two lines at each door, one for e-tickets and one for cash transactions.

All seats will be general admission with Greenville fans occupying the east side of the bleachers. There will be a special place for the student sections.

Tickets on the Go Fan app are currently set to be redeemed at 5:45 p.m. which is the same time as the doors will open.

The Newton AD sent the following YouTube video links to help those unfamiliar with the Go Fan app.

YouTube help:

 How To Buy Tickets Video:

 Accessing & Sharing Tickets Video:

 Ticket Redemption Video: