HSHS Illinois hospitals lift visitor restrictions

Visitor restrictions put in place at HSHS Illinois hospitals have been updated due to a decline in COVID-19 numbers in our communities.

HSHS Illinois hospitals have lifted COVID-19-related visitor restrictions and have returned to pre-pandemic guidelines. Visitation in high-risk areas or for patients with communicable diseases will be at the discretion of local hospital leadership. Similarly, departmental leadership may restrict the number of visitors at any point for the safety of patients and colleagues.

Masking is still mandatory in our healthcare facilities for all patients, visitors, and colleagues. Medical-grade masks will be provided to visitors if they do not have one.

Visitors should not enter our hospital if they:

  • are experiencing COVID-19, influenza, or other potentially infectious illness symptoms.
  • tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time to address the health needs of our communities. Each hospital may have additional, department-specific guidelines and varying visiting hours, so please refer to your local hospital’s website for specific details. By putting these guidelines in place, HSHS exemplifies its commitment to the dignity and care of all.