Mulberry Grove homecoming held

By Rachel Terry
Advocate News Staff

The Mulberry Grove homecoming was held on Saturday, Dec. 3, with a traditional waltz followed by the crowning. The event came at the end of homecoming week, which saw much participation from the students.

The ninth grade freshmen were Myah Huhn, Lola Johnson, Kruz Schlemer, and Jesse Sturgill. The tenth grade sophomores were Annie Jackson, Haylee Olive-Hartline, Brant Thomas, and Aden Young. The eleventh grade juniors were Genesis Williams, Kenzie Swain, Dawson Creek, and Tristan Altenberger. The twelfth grade seniors were Kyra Kircher, Jaclyn Robertson, Maddie Koontz, Maddy Hopkins, Elly Hall, Patty Kenedy, Jason Millikin, Boston Cade, Arjan Epperson, Brody Bauer, Ethan Steiner, and Jake Helmkamp.

Brody Bauer was crowned King and Jaclyn Robertson was crowned Queen for the 2022 homecoming.

The retiring royalty from 2021 was King Tucker Johnson and Queen Allie Bellegrante.

The pages for the event were Wiley Pearman and Amelia Gaffner, both first graders from Mrs. Brimberry’s class.