Pocahontas school announces high honor, honor rolls

Pocahontas school has announced the high honor and honor rolls, plus perfect attendance for the second quarter of the 2022-23 school year.

In seventh and eighth grades, high honors requires a grade point average of 3.75-4.0; honors is 3.0 to 3.74 GPA.

Eighth grade: High honors: Olive Kaskela, Allison Knebel, Ivy Lancaster, James Mathews and Wyatt Orender. Honors: Caylin Clanton, Bianka Gleason, Kaven Hilpert, Bella Links, Bailey Pike, Kailey Pike, Chris Rivers, Skylar Voyles and Sadie Weiss.

Seventh grade: High honors: Caleb Hibbs, Bentlie Siebert and Kenzi Stefanisin. Honors: Chloe Brown, Ryland Clanton, Jana Glisson, Olivia Hilmes, Bella Linderman, Melanie Mills, James Quade, Ethan Stevens and Wyatt Trapp. Perfect attendance: Caleb Hibbs, Melanie Mills and James Quade.

For the elementary school classes, third through sixth grades, high honors requires all A’s; honors require a mix of A’s and B’s. Sixth grade: High honors: Hannah Doll, Gabriella Hahs, Paige Knebel, Braxton Siebert and HaLeigh Wilfong. Honors: Clare Glisson and Bella Hibbs. Perfect attendance: Sophia Edwards, Izabella Hibbs, Brayden Lindley, Cylas Smith and HaLeigh Wilfong.

Fifth grade: Honors: Finn Kaskela and Gryphon Knutzen.

Fourth grade: High honors: Cameron Glisson; Honors: Sophia Bassett Harmon; perfect attendance: Scarlett Hensler.

Third grade: High honors: Addison Goestenkors, Jesse Matthews and Lennon Mayer. Honors: Dalila Alvarez, Juliana Cobillas, AnaBella Frank, Mae Jackson, Raelynn Jolliff, Ryder Kaskela and Anna Mueller. Perfect attendance: Julianna Cobillas and Raelynn Jolliff.

Perfect attendance: First grade: Layla Jolliff. Kindergarten: Brexlynn Klaus.