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Since 1858, The Greenville Advocate has served the town of Greenville and all of Bond county, Illinois. The newspaper offers the best in local news coverage, exciting sports, and in-depth features. The Advocate also presents local businesses and individuals with a highly effective means for advertising. Established in February 1858, The Greenville Advocate is the oldest business in Bond county and one of the oldest newspapers in Illinois

publishing under its original name. Jediah Alexander, founder of the newspaper, was a friend of Abraham Lincoln and was instrumental in bringing the future president to Greenville to speak the summer of 1858. Duane

Reeves is the only second-generation publisher the newspaper has had and is joined by his son Richard, as a third-generation publisher. Leo Reeves became a publisher in 1945. The Greenville Advocate has had dedicated and capable pilots during its history who have enabled it to survive the challenges of numerous competing publications and continue to champion the community it serves

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